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Adding some excitement to your Tesla's interior with Tesla interior car ambient Light controlled via the central console may be precisely what you're searching for. Model 3 and Y interiors are bathed in beautiful hues and gradients thanks to the ambient lighting system. Our Tesla interior center console's ambient lighting will enhance the ambient lighting on the upper border of your center console.

⇨ Good Visibility: Luxurious illumination is at your fingertips with this center console dashboard app control led strip lights, which have been designed to function in harmony with your Tesla. Just take it easy and enjoy yourself. You'll always have excellent inside visibility with our dimmer-adjustable interior car neon lights.

⇨ Various Options: The central console screen controls allowed by the ambient lighting kit include a choice of relaxing light selections to help you unwind after a long day.

⇨ Easy to set up: Each component of the led ambient light kit snaps into place with minimum equipment, making installation a breeze. Installing this ambient lighting kit may need some knowledge of automotive DIY (do-it-yourself) abilities, but it is not very difficult.

The kit includes:

  1. 1 long LED lighting strip that will need to be cut to size when installing
  2. Power plug attached to LED controller


Cut the strips to size and lay them down in the center console crevices of your Model 3 or Model Y. Screw the connectors tightly and plug them into the power outlet. Download the app and configure the lights to your liking.